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A World Of Maybe's
So, alright, you're still together.
But it is all ok.
Because I know you're still here,
On this earth you've decided to stay.
You tell me there's something,
You want to tell me really bad,
But yet you cannot say it.
Should I be happy or mad?
Maybe my greatest dreams,
Have finally came true.
Maybe you really love me,
Just like I love you.
Or maybe you want to tell me,
How we can never be.
That you're in love with her,
But you don't want to hurt me.
Maybe I shouldn't think about it,
Push the thoughts out of my mind.
I guess I should just give you time,
To release what you hold inside.
But how long can I wait?......
:iconcandlelitxtragedy:CandlelitxTragedy 2 3
Unlucky 600
600 miles of highway,
Surrounded by the same trees.
Time for 600 thoughts,
To run all through me.
600 mistakes,
In the past I've made.
600 hurtful moments,
That will never fade.
600 crushes,
That were never real.
600 times that depression,
Was all I could feel.
600 people,
I've wished I had never met.
600 guys I've liked,
Only two regrets.
600 words,
I've written to you.
All 600 I love you's,
Were from my heart and true.
600 places,
Some haunting my mind.
600 moments,
So dear to me inside.
Unlucky 600,
Forever you'll stay,
My unlucky number,
That will never go away.
:iconcandlelitxtragedy:CandlelitxTragedy 2 24
Keira Knightley by Casull Keira Knightley :iconcasull:Casull 1 2 Captain Jack Sparrow by ktalbot Captain Jack Sparrow :iconktalbot:ktalbot 280 91 Collapse by lucid-ambiguity Collapse :iconlucid-ambiguity:lucid-ambiguity 13 17 estrogen boy by death-of-a-moth estrogen boy :icondeath-of-a-moth:death-of-a-moth 2 16 Toaster Luv by siobhans-hot-hands Toaster Luv :iconsiobhans-hot-hands:siobhans-hot-hands 2 9



United States
Current Residence: North Carolina
Favourite genre of music: indie, black metal, grindcore, death metal, 80's, alterative, and real pop...not n*sync shit
Favourite photographer: David Yellen, Haas Erst many many many more
MP3 player of choice: none, I think they are very generic
Favourite cartoon character: thats hard, Ill probably go with something popeye
Personal Quote: "too many apples"
and you know what that means!

you'll be seeing a lot more of me :)
  • Listening to: le tigre
  • Reading: project ideas: make a pop up card
  • Watching: a blank computer screen
  • Eating: my nails, well not so much eating as biting
  • Drinking: spit


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Axonis Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007
I do apologise for hijacking your thread ma'am.
Axonis Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2007
Retards attempting poetry ? Oh dear. Your naivety. Do poets rhyme with music ?
Do poets have intricate beats ?
Do poets have "poem battles" ?


Point proven. have a good night.
cacodemonic Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2007  Student Photographer
But raps not music what Is It, a rip off, a cynical marketing exercise, worthless?
Axonis Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007
Why isnt rap music, what right, do you have to say what is, and what isnt music. You have absolutely no right whatsoever.

What is it ? It is a subculture, that are exploring their boundaries by using their linguistic skills in assosciation with music.

I can't stress this enough - you have no right, to say that rap is not music.

Sure, it may not be your choice of music that you appreciate the most, but none-the-less, there is no definition of music, music can be as simple as drumming a finger on keyboard, or as complex as Tchakoivskys third movement.

Dont flame about something you dont understand.
cacodemonic Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007  Student Photographer
I have every right to my own opinions and to voice them as I wish just as you have and everyone else should have and as for a subculture why don't you move ot Compton Or Watts and get a real flavour for the life of an average African American!...subculture Ha
(1 Reply)
Cidien Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2007
You are very very cute hun! I just had to say that, cause one of your pictures caught my eye XD
siobhan-siobhan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
anna i love you
i made a new account
because since 8th grade i forgot the password the other one.
anyway i love you
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